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Air Agitators

Air Agitators

Phillro's agitators provide efficient mixing so you can achieve consistent fluid performance. Choose from a wide range of models - there's sure to be one to fit your mixing requirements. Our suppliers are committed to designing and producing only superior products.

Here's what makes Phillro's agitator selection stand out from the competition.

- Phillro's agitator range is built for long life, corrosion resistance and structural integrity.
- They are constructed with precision materials such as 304 passivated stainless steel and graphite-filled teflon.

Air Agitators

Heavy-Duty Agitators

For thorough mixing of sheer-sensitive, high solids and fast setting fluids.Wood, Farm...

Twistork Siphon Agitator

Automotive, Wood, Farm & Construction, Rail, Metal Fabrication.If you use closed head...

Non-Siphon Twistork Agitator

Same as 236629 (Twistork Siphon Agitator) without siphon tube.

Husky Twistork Package

For closed 55-gallon (200 ltr) drum agitating and evacuation in one simple,...

Direct Drive Rotary Agitator S/S

Used for 200 ltr mixing applications. Provides efficient mixing to achieve consistent...

Direct Drive Rotary Agitator C/S

Same as G222698 but suitable for solvent based material only. Also with...

Expandable Blade Agitator
(24C728, 24C729)

Graco's expanding blade agitators are engineered for quick installation and operation. The...

Direct Drive Agitator With S/S Drum Cover

Suitable for open top 200 ltr drum agitation. 200 ltr S/S drum...

Pneumatic Lift, Drum Cover & Agitator Package

Graco's pneumatic lifts save time and money. At the push of a...

S/S Agitator For Open Top Cans 20ltr

A small direct rotary agitator with a 1/4HP pneumatic motor and needle...

S/S Agitator & Lid Assembly 20ltr

A small, direct rotary agitator with a 1/4HP pneumatic transfer motor and...

Rotary Agitator 200ltr

This new style agitator has a triple piston air motor design making...

C/S Rotary Agitator (20ltr)

This new style agitator has a triple piston air motor design making...