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Air Supply Equipment

Air Supply Equipment

Compressed air is the vital energy source relied upon by the spray painter. It provides the force to atomise paint, drive pumps, and pressure pots, move reciprocators and provide breathing air. However, untreated air is the raw material from the compressor system, containing dirt, water, oil, odours, rust and pipe scale. An otherwise fantastic paint finish can be totally ruined by the presence of just a small amount of these impurities. The resulting fisheyes, pinholes, blushing or dulling means a job has to be redone - a waste of both time and money. Also, the health of a spray operator wearing air fed breathing equipment may be compromised by dirty, smelly air.

Phillro offers a complete range of air supply equipment to provide clean, controlled air to the spray booth. Equipment includes air regulators, air dryers, filtration units, breathing air systems, air compressors and pipeline installations.

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Air Regulators

AR Series Air Regulators

Accessories G40-K10-01 Pressure gauge - 1/8” rear entry,0-140 psi (suits SR-20/30) G50-K10-02 Pressure gauge...

Pressure gauge - 1/4” bottom entry

Many other options available on request

Filter / Regulator Units

Air Filters

Main Line Air Filter Unit

- Durable construction - Mainline filtration of oil, water & dirt to 3...

Micro Mist Air Filter Unit

- Final stage filter – Removes oil, water & dirt particles to 0.01...

Combination Air Filter Unit

– Combines Micro Mist Filter with Pre-Filter – Removes oil, water & dirt...

Filtered Air Package

The SP Series is an industrial grade combination of high efficiency andactivated...

Airline Lubricators

Air Line Lubricators

General purpose air lubricator – Precise adjustment – Uniform lubrication even at low flow...

F.R.L Combination Units

F. R. L Combination Set

Combination of filter, regulator and lubricator including mounting bracket and pressure gauge

Air Dryers

Air Dryers

Desiccant Dryers Single tower desiccant dryers remove moisture from compressed air by passing...