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Spray Guns

Spray Guns

After 40 years in the spray finishing industry, Phillro has selected a comprehensive range of spray guns to suit every industry and application.
Our range includes the very latest in high performance, transfer efficient guns which reduce overspray and material usage, resulting in cleaner working conditions. If you're unsure what the most suitable gun is for your application call our sales department on 1300 503 610 for technical advice.

Airspray/HVLP Guns-Devilbiss

Airspray/HVLP/Compliant Guns-Graco

Airpro Air Spray Guns

Ultimate Spraying Excellence ! With one of the best spray patterns in the...

Automatic Air Spray Guns

Advanced spraying for metal, wood and high wear applications! Graco's automatic applications are...

Airspray/Star Guns

Airspray Suction Spray Gun

The Star S-770 is a professional spray gun suited to larger jobs....

Airspray Pressure Spray Gun

The Star S-770P is ideal for use with pressure pots, making it...

Gravity Spray Gun

The Star S-106 is a full size gravity spray gun suitable for...

Airspray/HVLP Guns- Iwata

Compact Pressure Feed Spray Gun

Designed for the small to medium workpiece in all industries. The W-100...

Compact Suction Feed Spray Gun

Designed for the small to medium workpiece in all industries especially for...

Pressure Feed Spray Gun

For industrial applications. The W-200 heavy duty pressure feed spray gun...

Suction Feed Spray Gun

For general applications. Designed to be used for the moderate to...

Centre Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Designed especially for the automotive refinish industry, these guns are ideal for...

Airless Guns & Air Assisted Guns

Silver Plus™ Gun

Graco's Silver Plus gun is known for its durability, long life spraying...

XTR5 and XTR7

Graco XTR Airless Guns are designed especially for high-pressure output when spraying...

Air Assisted Airless Guns
(G15 & G40)

Get exceptional spray quality in an operator-friendly design ! Designed to maximize efficiency...

Automatic Airless & Air-Assisted Spray Gun

Graco's G40 Automatic Air-Assisted spray gun is lightweight and offers a superior...

Airless Gun Accessories

In-Line Gun Filter

Filters fluid before it enters the gun.Helps reduce tip plugging; provides better...

High Pressure Straight Swivel - 5800 psi (400 bar, 40.0 MPa)

Provides a swivelling joint between gun and hose for free gun movement.Installs...

HandTite Tip Guards (7/8 22mm)

Use with all RAC tips (221XXX, 286XXX, LL5XXX & FFTXXX).

RAC 5 SwitchTips (Black Handle)

General spray tip for all common coatings.Click here to view the 286XXX...

Heavy Duty RAC Tip Guard

Extra Large Tip Guard for Heavier Coatings Use only with XHD-010 Tips

Heavy Duty RAC Reversible Spray Tip

For filled materials that cause tip plugging such as high solids coatings...

Tip Gaskets

Thin (25 per package: 223-373)For use with flat tips or accessory attachments.Provides...

Tip Brushes

Stiff bottle brush for cleaning tips and guns.

Tip Cleaning Needles

Fine tapered broach for cleaning blocked tips.Packet of 12.