Introducing the New & Improved ElcoMaster® Software and ElcoMaster® Mobile for Android & iOS Devices

In Product Release

Whatever you are testing, wherever you are testing it, taking the measurement is only part of the story. Only when each individual reading has been recorded, and a comprehensive inspection report created, can you then provide evidence of the work undertaken.

ElcoMaster®; available for PC, Apple, and Android mobile devices; is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to connect to a range of Elcometer gauges via USB or Bluetooth®, and instantly produce professional reports, offering full traceability of the inspection proving compliance to the relevant standard being followed.

  • Support for the new ElcoMaster® Mobile App: Available now for Android™ and iOS devices.
  • New ‘Legacy Mode’: Allows users of earlier versions of ElcoMaster® to continue using all existing data and formats.
  • Create Customised Reports: Combine a whole range of measurement data; from surface cleanliness to climate conditions, material or coating thickness to surface profile, adhesion to gloss measurements – all into one inspection project.
  • Additional Project Folders: Projects now have 3 top level folders allowing additional documents to be imported alongside your measurement data.
  • Library Function: Save all your customised templates and ‘collects’ – which contain images or drawings indicating where to measure and in what sequence – in one place.
  • Quick and Easy Data Synchronisation between Devices: Setup automatic data synchronisation and backup between PC and mobile devices via your Cloud account or personal FTP server.

The first of a series of videos demonstrating the functionality and ease of use of ElcoMaster® and ElcoMaster® Mobile are now available to view via YouTube (click on the video titles below) and the videos section of our website,