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Air Dryers

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  • Air Dryers

    Desiccant Dryers

    Single tower desiccant dryers remove moisture from compressed air by passing the wet
    incoming air upward through a bed of non toxic and non polluting desiccant. Desiccant
    absorbs moisture as it gradually dissolves. Dissolved desiccant and condensed moisture fall
    to a bottom claim area where it can be drained manually or automatically. The desiccant level
    needs to be checked periodically. With most single-shift schedules, tablets only need to be
    added to the dryer two or three times per year. Tablets continue to absorb moisture until they
    are completely consumed and Phillro’s desiccant adds no harmful acidity to the solution,
    unlike some competitive products. Standard models are available from 4 to 16,000 SCFM.

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    Availability: instock