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Glutton Pumps

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  • Glutton 400 Pump

    Leak-proof design for long lasting, low maintenance bellows.
    Chrome over stainless steel, SevereDuty™ wear parts.
    Reversible outlet manifold to simplify plumbing.
    Vertical ball checks with no springs for uniform ball wear improving their life.

    Graco’s Glutton® 400 is used frequently for pumping abrasive high solids coatings (50% or more) in circulating systems for both conventional and HVLP in-plant applications. It is also an ideal catalyst feed pump because the design is sealed internally.

    This unique divorced duplex plunger style pump is designed to handle more shear and heat sensitive materials. The single piston seal design on each fluid piston virtually eliminates build-up material and subsequent abrasion wear. These seals can wear up to .25 (0.063 cm) before losing efficiency, while ordinary pumps will fail with as little as 0.005 (0.012 cm) wear. The piston seals are self-adjusting for long life and less downtime, for reduced overall cost. Even run-dry conditions can occur without piston seal failure. The long life co-polymer bellows seal creates a leak-proof design for the life of the seal, unlike a traditional sealed piston pump design.

    Typical Fluids Handled
    High solids coating (50% or more)

    Model 220-663 is a CS Glutton pump with UHMWPE packings.

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    Availability: instock