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Gun Washers

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  • PRO Wash™ Gun Washer with the Husky 307 Pump

    Meets stringent air quality rules (including SCAQMD Rule 1171).
    Cleans equipment in minutes.
    Customise your system with a variety of kits.
    Select from a wide array of models to fit your specific needs.

    Graco’s PRO Wash™ Gun Washer systems are your answer to a variety of needs in the paint shop.

    Manual cleaning of spray guns, hoses and pots is time-consuming, sometimes taking as much as two hours out of production time. Using the PRO Wash™ system, painting equipment can be thoroughly flushed and cleaned in less than one minute; all within an enclosed unit.

    The PRO Wash™ recycles solvent. If the solution is periodically filtered to remove paint residue, it can remain effective up to eight weeks, depending on gun washer usage. This provides material savings for the paint shops as well as a reduction in hazardous waste disposal costs.

    The PRO Wash™ systems also comply with the most stringent air quality rules in effect, including SCAQMD Rule 1171. The automatic, closed washing system prevents solvent emissions release and protects employees from solvent contact and fumes.

    The PRO Wash™ systems operate with the reliable Graco Husky 307 double diaphragm pump for optimum performance and service life.

    112634 – CS model, polyethylene tank.

    Other models available

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