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Elcometer 510 – Automatic Adhesion Gauge (ELCOMETER-510)

Elcometer 510 – Automatic Adhesion Gauge (ELCOMETER-510)

The Elcometer 510 Automatic Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge accurately measures the strength of the bond between the coating and the substrate.


elcometer 510 automatic pull off adhesion gauge elcometer 510 automatic pull off adhesion gauge


  • Automatic hydraulic pump ensures smooth and continuous pressure application for consistent, repeatable results
  • Fully adjustable pull rates 0.1-1.4MPa/s (14.5-203psi) to meet National and International Standards
  • Can be used with 10,14.2, 20 and 50mm diameter dollies
  • User definable limits with unique pressure hold and release function
  • User definable measurement range with an accuracy of ±1% of full scale:
    • 10mm dolly: 100MPa (14400psi)
    • 14.2mm dolly: 50MPa (7200psi)
    • 20mm dolly: 25 MPa (3600psi)
    • 50mm dolly: 4MPa (580psi)
  • Dust and water resistant rugged design to IP64
  • Interchangeable units: MPa, psi, Nmm2 and N
  • A range of standard and thin substrate actuator skirts (compatible with Elcometer 506) available for testing coatings on thick, thin, flat or convex substrates
  • Store up to 60,000 readings with individual pull graphs in up to 2,500 alpha numerical batches, complete with attribute failure information
  • USB and Bluetooth® data output – Compatible with ElcoMaster™ App for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android mobile devices