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Elcometer 456C – Digital Dry Film Thickness Gauge

One of the most critical specifications in the coatings industry is Dry Film Thickness. Dry Film Thickness measurement provides important information relative to the expected life of the substrate material being protected by the coating along with how it conforms to International Standards and its aesthetic appearance.
The Elcometer 456C range of Digital Dry Film Thickness Gauges are widely used where accuracy is critical for the measurement of most types of protective coatings on both magnetic metal (Ferrous) substrates and non-magnetic metal (Non – Ferrous) substrates. With a large range of Probes and other accessories, Coating thickness ranges from 0 up to 31mm can be measured.
There are a large range of gauges available to suit almost any application from basic entry level to full featured data logging gauges.

Elcometer 456 - Data Sheet Elcometer 456 - Data Sheet

Phillro Industries proudly supply and support the Elcometer 456C Dry Film Thickness gauges offering the following features:
• Very Fast Reading Rate
• Specialised Probes
• Secure Probe connection
• USB and Wireless Data Transfer
• Choice of Integral or Separate Probe models
• Scratch & Solvent Resistant Screen
• Auto Rotating Display
• Large Tactile Operating Buttons
• Large Colour Display Screen
• Very Large Data Storage Capacity
• Dust Proof
• Water Resistant

• Fastest reading rate in its class of 140 + readings/min allowing you to get the job done quickly.  Up to 140 + readings/min using the Ultra/Scan Probe
• Wide range of probe types and sizes to suit a multitude of applications
• Push and screw in secure probe connection eliminates wear on connection point and is more durable
• Measurement data can be transferred to mobile devices or P.C. wirelessly or via USB Cable making data transfer and reporting easier and faster.
• Integral probe model gauges allow single handed where practical or alternatively separate probe models allow you to read the gauge display whilst taking readings on areas where only the probe will reach
• There is less chance of scratching the screen and accidental spills or splashes of wet paint can be quickly wiped off with solvent resistant screens. Peel off screen protectors are also available.
• The Auto Rotating screen allows the operator to easily read the screen no matter what angle the gauge is held at.
• On/Off and all menu buttons/soft keys are large and more easily operated allowing ease of use
• The large colour display screen allows you to more easily see readings data and operating icons with more room to display more useful detail
• The Standard gauge can store up to 1,500 readings in a single batch and the Top gauge up to 150,000 readings in 2,500 batches with alphanumeric batch naming
• Internal seals provide dust proofing to avoid dust entry to internal electronics
• Internal seals also minimise the risk of water entering the internal electronics causing damage to the gauge