Graco 190 PC Express Crew Spray Pack



Graco’s 190 PC Express electric airless sprayer is an ideal choice for the beginner painting professional. Its compact, lightweight design weighs less than 14 Kg, and it’s built tough to handle everyday use in small interior and exterior paint projects, repainting and new construction.

Crew Spray Pack Includes:

  • 15″ Graco extension
  • FFLP312 Graco Fine Finish low pressure tip
  • 950ml Graco Pump Armor
  • Phillro Crew Trucker Cap
  • Phillro Crew Cooler Bag

Graco electric sprayers Brochure WEB


  • MAX TIP SIZE: 0.021
  • MAX LPM: 1.8
  • MAX PSI: 3000
  • MOTOR: 5/8 hp DC


  • SG3™ Spray Gun
  • RAC® IV 517 SwitchTip™ and Guard
  • 1/4 in x 50ft (6.4 mm x 15 m) Airless Hose

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Graco 190 PC Express Crew Spray Pack