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Heavy-Duty Agitators (238157)

For thorough mixing of sheer-sensitive, high solids and fast setting fluids.
Wood, Farm & Construction, Automobile Assembly, Automobile Feeder, Metal Fabrication, Paint Manufacturers.

Graco lets the customer define this heavy-duty drum agitator. Using its full width blades, this powerful agitator quickly and gently mixes fluids, minimising leftover sediment at the bottom of the container. More importantly, it maintains the integrity of the fluid to assure optimum quality standards.

304 SST passivated construction makes agitator suitable for all waterborne, acid-catalysed, and solvent-borne fluids up to 3000 centipoise.

Wide, full-width blades provide thorough mixing of material, reduces leftover sediment waste.

Gentle rpm reduces materials degradation (shearing), prevents aeration and improves quality of finished work.

Optional SST siphon tube provides a patented way to evacuate fluids through the agitator shaft.

Typical Fluids Handled
Quick-setting stains to high solids and full-bodied waterborne materials.