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Twistork Siphon Agitator (236629)

Automotive, Wood, Farm & Construction, Rail, Metal Fabrication.

If you use closed head drums, you can be sure of a uniform, consistent mix with the Twistork Siphon Agitator. Its patented, helix-shaped blade causes a gentle, yet powerful spiral action, easily lifting thick solids from the bottom of the drum and mixing the contents to a uniform consistency. You get a premium finish – providing the best possible adhesion, colour, texture and gloss – and less waste sediment in the bottom of each drum. Consistent mixing improves your overall process performance. That’s money in your pocket because you have less hazardous materials to collect and dispose of.

In addition, Twistork offers you two units in one. The patented in-shaft siphon tube allows simultaneous mixing and evacuation. No other brand of agitator on the market offers this convenient feature.

– Designed exclusively for closed-head drums.
– Adjustable position shaft accommodates various container depths.
– Easily adapts to desiccant air dryer or nitrogen blanket (1/4 PSIG max).
– Gentle mixing reduces degradation and splashing, compared to propeller blades.

Typical Fluids Handled
Wide chemical compatibility including waterborne, mixes most paints, resins, urethanes, epoxies and silicones – excellent for higher viscosity materials. Not recommended for extremely abrasive materials.