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Filtered Air Package

The SP Series is an industrial grade combination of high efficiency andactivated carbon filters plus pressure regulator that will purify and regulate compressed air. Oil, water, dirt and odour, and organic vapours will be removed. The body and housing are die cast aluminium with chromate
treatment. The housings are dynamically designed to eliminate re-entrainment and are coated internally.

Sight glasses allow visual inspection of the filter operation and element condition.

The service life of the purification systems is relative to the concentration of contaminant in the compressed air network.

These purifiers are high efficiency, high quality products that when used correctly, deliver compressed air better than the relevant standard.

They will not effect the oxygen content nor will they alter the temperature or humidity of the air.

For the complete details of these requirements, refer to AS 1715 – 1991.

FAP250-03-XAL40283/8” Breathing Air Filter – 17 cfm (2 person)
FAP350-04-XAL40361/2” Breathing Air Filter – 35 cfm (5 person)
FAP450-06-XAL40233/4” Breathing Air Filter – 70 cfm (11 person)