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Sundstrom SR200A

SR200 Airline with filter backup is a breathing apparatus that provides a continuous airflow when connected to compressed air. It has been specially produced for heavy, prolonged work or where pollutants are especially unhealthy and a high degree of protection is required.

The breathing hose can be detected from both mark and regulator valve. The air quantity can be regulated to between about 150 and 320 l/min at a working pressure of 5-7 bar.

In the A model) the breathing hose can be detected from both mask and regulator, whereas in the B model) the breathing hose is permanently attached to the mask and can only be detected from the regulator.


SR200 leaflet SR200 leaflet

SR200 Airline Parts SR200 Airline Parts


123-04977SR200A Laminated Glass Visor
123-04978SR200A PC Visor version