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High Efficiency- Andreae Spray Booth Filter

The HE+ is a unique, two in one filter system. The system has many advantages:
The polyester is not immediately plugged or face loaded because most of the paint is captured by the Andreae Standard filter.
The overall loading capacity is very high because all sizes of particles are captured. The Andreae HE+ is the synthesis of this technology in one filter. Instead of having two filter rows, two filter frames, twice the work to change the filter, the HE+ is two filters in one. Basically, the HE+ is made of three layers. The traditional two walls of the Andreae Standard, and behind an additional layer of hot-glued polyester. With this combination, the complementary advantages of the Andreae Standard filter and the polyester are combined in one filter: The Andreae HE+.

Also comes in the following size:


Andreae Filter TDS (HE) Andreae Filter TDS (HE)


AF8236.09mtr x 0.9mtr
AF1237.2mtr x 1mtr