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  • Comprehensive spray, fluid handling, coating inspection and finishing equipment including Graco, ASM, and Elcometer products.
  • Complete solutions for large industrial operations right through to individual contractor clients.
  • Authorized Elcometer Service & Repair centre.
  • Service and repairs on all leading spray equipment brands.
  • Free expert technical advice.
  • On & off site training courses.

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The Evolutionary Leader In Finishing & Transfer Equipment Solutions

Phillro is a company that employes knowledgeable, dedicated, staff. Phillro has a very capable technical support team in place to aid clients with the purchase of their equipment. If you are buying an airless sprayer, sprayer gun, or transfer pump, you have our pledge of the best product and total back-up service. To compliment our comprehensive merchandise we also offer training procedures in the correct use of equipment.

Phillro industries has been established as a professional supplier of the highest quality, of finishing & transfer equipment. Phillro has an array of equipment and we give you our guarantee you will appreciate the time and money you will save when you invest in your new airless sprayer, spray gun or any of our equipment. Our airless spray equipment will continue to exceed as the most innovative finishing equipment available.

At, Phillro we offer hands on seminars at our facilities or on-site under the professional supervision of our qualified, trained staff. We also have a variety of spray equipment for hire. Phillro services and repairs all premier brands of equipment in our completely equipped workshop amenities. Our service team offers quick, reliable service.

Although, all of your equipment needs to be serviced regularly particularly where reliability is vital. Our accomplished technicians carry out all Service and Repair work. Phillro’s airless sprayers, spray guns, and spay equipment simplifies decorating in two ways: First, if you want to speed up a job that requires several litres of paint, you can apply it two times as fast as with a roller or brush. Second, if you want a glass-smooth complete finish on your woodwork or doors, the airless sprayer can lay a flawless finish. Spray Gun’s are conceived to be the expert tool of a contractor in many applications, from residential to commercial. After 40 years in the finishing commerce, Phillro has chosen a comprehensive variety of quality spray guns to match every need, surface and application.

Our spray guns are of a new design. However, the quality is unchanged. They are still designed for durability, easy trigger pull, obligation swivel allows very simple gun action, identical or better than comparable guns, decreased spitting, decreased clogging, a long life, and a beautiful, sleek finish.

Compressed air is the crucial power source relied upon by the painter decorator. It provides the force to atomize paint, propel pumps, and pots, move reciprocators and supply breathing air. Although, any untreated air in the raw material from the compressor system, or containing dirt, water, oil, odors, rust or pipe scale, can destroy an otherwise truly incredible job by the occurrence of just a small amount of these impurities. The producing fisheyes, pinholes, blushing or dulling, means a job has to be done over which is a waste of both time and money. Phillro has a complete range of spray equipment to provide clean, controlled air. Options include: air regulators, air dryers and filtration systems.

Why Use Airless Spray

Airless spray is much quicker and a lot faster than customary rolling brush. Airless spray presents even material coverage on all types of surfaces. You can spray most widespread coatings, encompassing stains, latex, and oil-based paints. In addition, and best of all, airless spray saves you money and time.

It is proven airless spray equipment saves time by expanding your productivity and decreasing your downtime. They are durable, and perfect for rugged job location conditions. They are very simple to operate and transport for convenience as you work. Moreover, you will find that airless sprayers still offer the discovery and worth you have come to expect from Phillro.

Air-assisted airless spray is a good fit in the market because of its proficiency to function at relatively high output rates while providing uniform complete coverage. Usual applications encompass furniture topcoats, airplane exterior primers and topcoats, farm implement primers and topcoats, and a kind of fabricated metal parts coatings.

Phillro’s airless and air-assisted airless packages are available in a broad variety of configurations to fit most applications. Select from wall, pail, or cart-mount choices, depending on your need for mobility and fluid container size.

Airless spray offers convenience, durability, and value for tradesmen with occasional painting needs, homeowners, and clean up generally means connecting it to a garden hose to clean the pump, hoses, and gun in minutes. Airless spray is the answer for property maintenance, remodeling, and light commercial projects. Airless equipment is great for contractors, property owners, handymen, professional contractors in many applications, from residential to commercial including some block filler and elastomeric coatings.

Phillro’s focuses on top of the line Texture Sprayer units that are constructed by a peak premier constructor of airless spray equipment. Our systems are constructed rugged and are conceived for large or small jobs, proposing a more productive way to add texture coatings. Phillro supplies two texture spray designs for the contractor who is looking to graduate from the customary hopper guns to the our texture units which delivers a material flow for consistent finish.

A Texture Sprayer has the perfect propelling system for the tradesmen and contractor who are prepared to graduate from a hopper gun to a faster, more productive spray. The innovative Pump-Only Texture Sprayer is small, lightweight, portable and easy to move between job sites. Phillro’s texture pumps deliver material flow for consistent treatment and a consistent pattern and they provide much quicker application, and superior texture protection. Pumping system force-feeds material through the texture gun and projects texture more distant than a customary hopper gun.

Phillro's systems division conceives, manufactures and markets a full range of value constructed and engineered self-acting finishing systems. With over 40 years' experience in the industry our expertise has taken us into applications such as rotary spray machines, level and vertical reciprocators and retrofitting existing schemes.

Phillro's value and expertise has furthermore been verified and proven to be efficient and cost productive in the control of viscosity, colour, decreased decorates charges and satisfying health and safety requirements on the management of fluids. Whatever your obligations are, Phillro will have a solution.

The Elcometer is a valuable tool in the reliability of Phillro’s dependability. It is imperative that your Elcometer equipment is regularly serviced or calibrated by trained qualified technicians. That the works are completed in strict accordance with the procedures set by the manufacturer and only authentic replacement parts and components are utilized, in line with the initial design specifications. Works are conveyed out in a controlled environment and traceability is maintained using the product successive identification figures so that full instrument annals is kept from its construction through dispatch from the factory to its future user.

Phillro markets a comprehensive variety of Elcometer goods for all coating undertakings. Elcometer are market leaders and innovators that conceive and construct portable outer layer width gauges and other outer layer checking equipment. Quality of merchandise and service is paramount. Each is supplied with a guarantee and full after-sales service.

Phillro Industries distributes the Wagner Powder products to all States and Territories in Australia. Wagner powder guns are constructed for high coating yield, high effectiveness and long service life. They offer the client optimal management that is achieved using robust materials, a weight optimized design and a high presentation ascribing and atomization scheme.

Contact us here at Phillro for further data or demonstration of the Wagner manual Prima Sprint Unit.

Phillro's comprehensive supply of hose and fittings complements our range of spray gear. From low pressure, air and fluid hose through to high-pressure airless hose - we are committed to providing first class goods for every application you may have.

Our huge variety of hoses and fittings is far too large to duplicate here, but it encompasses paint hose, airless hose, air hose, hose fittings, threaded fittings, and fast connect air couplings, as well as specialised goods such as suction and PVC hose, and stainless steel braided teflon tubing.

Phillro's fluid handling accessories are designed to enhance the performance and increase the versatility of the vast variety of gear that is available for today's applications. To stay productive with today's tough coatings and diverse applications, a wide selection of valves, swivels, filters, controllers and accessories are available.

Safety is an integral and vital part of the work place. Managers and supervisors should address the potential risk to the wellbeing of their staff involved in their undertakings and plan accordingly. Phillro is commited to delivering a comprehensive variety of safety gear and products specifically aimed at the spray and associated industries. We are constantly adding new products to our range, so if you cannot find the item you need here, we can source it for you.

We are here to assist you with all your exterior needs. You can contact us @ Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth | Phone: 1300 503 610 | Email: sales@phillro.com.au