iQuip Japanese Washi Tape


iQuip Japanese Washi Tape vs Painters Tape.
iQuip washi tape is manufactured using washi rice paper sourced from Japanese shrubs as opposed to western tree pulp paper. The result? An ultra-thin, lightweight and almost transparent paper. This ultra-thin tape minimizes paint build up, bridging and also increases ‘fade-thru’ enabling the user to easily spot imperfections in tape application.
Traditional painters tapes are thick in comparison, and are not transparent making it difficult to spot tape application errors until after the tape is removed. The iQuip washi is coated with a high-tech acrylic adhesive that is UV stabilised to withstand harsh Australian UV rays for up to 90 Days with clean, no residue removal. Ultra-absorbent polymer in the iQuip washi acts as a barrier to keep paint
out delivering extra sharp paint lines.

Washi 48mm
iQuip Japanese Washi Tape
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