LHS E 225 PLANEX Easy Long Reach Sander 571937


The PLANEX Easy is the lightest long reach sander with direct drive on the market.

  • Unpack and get going
  • Operation is exceptionally easy, with no assembly or adjustment required.
  • Maintenance free, lightweight and intuitive in operation.
  • Preparation work in plasterboard rooms could hardly be easier or faster.
  • The PLANEX Easy is more durable than anything you’ve seen before
  • Brushless motor without flexible shaft is maintenance free and provides optimum transfer of force.
  • Simple handling allows smooth sanding at maximum speed, while its low weight allows you to work for a long time without tiring.
  • This combination of mobility, versatility of use will bring you quickly
  • Reliably to your goal, top results and a perfect surface

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LHS E 225 Planex Easy & CTM 36 M Class Extractor Set 270937
LHS E 225 PLANEX Easy Long Reach Sander 571937

Out of stock