MaxiGuard Painters Silicone Half Mask R7500PK-M


MaxiGuard Painters Kit is the economical choice when you require respiratory protection from harmful fumes.  Includes A1P2 Cartridges.  Conveniently packed in a resealable storage container, providing protection for the respirator and filters.  The kit comes packaged in a Re-usable & Sealable container ready for use! NOT suitable for protection against 2 pack paint containing isocyanates

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x R7500 Half Face Respirator
  • 2 x R701 – A1 Gas Filters
  • 2 x R7N11-P2 – P2 PreFilters
  • 3 x Hygiene Alcohol Wipes for cleaning mask
  • Re-usable, Sealable and Food-Grade container for storage

R7500P Maxiguard Painters Kit  DATA SHEET

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Painters Kit Maxisafe
MaxiGuard Painters Silicone Half Mask R7500PK-M

In stock