Elcometer 106 Pull-Off Adhesion Tester


Elcometer 106 Pull Off Adhesion Tester 

This easy to operate and fully portable Type II adhesion gauge provides a numerical value for adhesion.

Applications include:

  • paint or plasma spray on bridge
  • decking, coatings on steel, aluminium, concrete etc.
  • Supplied in a carry case – ideal for site tests
  • Hand operated – no power supply necessary
  • Includes a cutter for EN13144 and ISO 4624 tests

Packing List:

Elcometer 106 Pull-Off Adhesion Tester, pack of 20 dollies, Araldite adhesive, base support ring,
magnetic dolly clamp, dolly cutter, carry case and operating instructions

elcometer 106 adhesion tester Product Data Sheet

ELcometer 106 operation manual

Elcometer 106 Pull-Off Adhesion Tester
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