Elcometer 224 – Digital Surface Profile Gauge


The Elcometer 224 provides the very latest in surface profile measuring technology for measuring profile on either flat or curved surfaces.

  • Fast and reliable peak-to-valley surface profile measurement
  • Accurately measure surface profile on flat or curved surfaces up to 500μm (20mils)
  • Measures both average peak-to-valley and average maximum peak-to-valley height
  • Portable, rugged hand-held design is ideal for field use

The Elcometer 224 surface profile meter is available in two different models: Model B and Model T. Each surface profile gauge provides the user with increasing functionality – from the entry level Elcometer 224 Model B, to the top of the range Elcometer 224 Model T, with memory, alpha-numeric batching and Bluetooth® communication.

Standard and armoured probes are available for the separate models, providing even greater measurement flexibility.  Elcometer surface profile probes are supplied with a glass zero plate, calibration test foils (nominal values 125µm (5.0mils) & 500µm (20mils)) and an Elcometer Test Certificate.

Elcometer 224. Data Sheet



Elcometer 224 – Digital Surface Profile Gauge
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