Elcometer 480 Glossmeters


The Elcometer 480 Glossmeter range are easy to use glossmeters which combine high accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility with functionality making them the most advanced gloss meters on the market today.

Combining easy to use, multi-lingual menu structures with exceptional repeatability, reproducibility & accuracy, the Elcometer 480 gloss meter provides users with best in class hand held gloss measurement.

Using state of the art design and manufacturing techniques, the Elcometer 480 glossmeter provides world leading features and functionality – reliably measuring & recording Gloss, % Reflectance & Haze on any material, including paint, plastic, ceramic or metal.

The Elcometer 480 gloss meter rapid LED technology accurately measures up to 3 gloss angles at the same time at a rate of 10 readings per second. Gloss measurements can be instantly transferred from the glossmeter to PC, iPhone, Android™ or other mobile devices via USB or Bluetooth®

elcometer 480 Gloss Meter data sheet


Elcometer 480 Glossmeters
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