Fast-Flo 1:1 Pump

Fast-Flo 1:1 Pumps are designed to operate at air input pressures of up to 180 psi and deliver a smooth, reliable flow. Drum length and stubby models are available for either drum transfer or wall mount siphon feed applications. Both carbon steel and stainless steel models with various seal configurations allow a variety of non-corrosive materials to be pumped. Ball checks or flat check pump configurations are available to accommodate different viscosity materials. All pumps have an air control valve, an air line coupler, and threaded intake valves.
Air-powered for high reliability and low cost.
Quiet operation – less than 785dBA at 100 psi (700kPa, 7 bar) and 40 cycles per minute.
Pump is fully groundable.
Options available in stainless steel and carbon steel.
Plate (flat) check options for lower viscosity fluids.