Wagner Plastcoat 1030 Spray Pack


Ultra portable and compact system for spraying interior/exterior acrylic texture, cement based render and plaster filler up to 6mm grain size.

Comes complete on Trolley, with 50 litre Hopper, 10 metre 25mm Hose, Automatic Spray Lance with Integrated Switch, 2 x 25mm cleaning balls, toolbox, silicon spray and cleaning kit. standard spray pack setup is for acrylic texture products and the PC1030 is supplied with an 8mm nozzle. Requires min. 12 cfm compressor.


  • Voltage 240V / 50 Hz (15 amp power requirement)
  • Max. Delivery Radius 50m
  • Max. Delivery Height 30m
  • Max. Grain Size 6mm
  • Max. Pressure 580 psi Max.
  • Delivery Rate 15 l/min
  • Weight 59 kg
  • Motor Rating 2.9 HP / 2.2 kW


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wagner PC1030
Wagner Plastcoat 1030 Spray Pack

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