Wagner ProSpray 3.39 High Boy

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Ideal for large production residential, roofing, commercial, maintenance, industrial applications and projects requiring more than one gun to be used. Can also spray high viscosity materials such as non-aggregate texture coatings and plaster based products, including filling compounds

Comes complete with Digital Electronic Control System Rigid Suction System, High Pressure Filter, AG-14 Airless Spray Gun, 15 metre Airless Hose, 3/8″ Whip Hose, 231 and 431 TradeTip 3 and Base, EMI Filter, Tool Kit and Pump Protection Start-up Pack

  • Long stroking piston
  • Retractable telescopic handle for compact storage
  • New angled cart design for one man loading and unloading
  • Quick-release fluid section (without tools)
  • Direct immersion inlet valve providing greater intake power
  • New tilt cart feature for easy change over of paint drums



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wagner 3.39
Wagner ProSpray 3.39 High Boy

Out of stock