Wagner ProSpray 3.39 High Boy


Ideal for large production residential, roofing, commercial, maintenance, industrial applications and projects requiring more than one gun to be used. Can also spray high viscosity materials such as non-aggregate texture coatings and plaster based products, including filling compounds

Comes complete with Digital Electronic Control System Rigid Suction System, High Pressure Filter, AG-14 Airless Spray Gun, 15 metre Airless Hose, 3/8″ Whip Hose, 231 and 431 TradeTip 3 and Base, EMI Filter, Tool Kit and Pump Protection Start-up Pack

  • Long stroking piston
  • Retractable telescopic handle for compact storage
  • New angled cart design for one man loading and unloading
  • Quick-release fluid section (without tools)
  • Direct immersion inlet valve providing greater intake power
  • New tilt cart feature for easy change over of paint drums



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wagner 3.39
Wagner ProSpray 3.39 High Boy

Out of stock