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Elcometer 266 – DC Holiday Detector

Elcometer 266 – DC Holiday Detector

Using advanced modern technology the Elcometer 266 DC Holiday Detector allows for the detection of porosity in coatings to be completed easier, faster, safer and more reliable than ever before.

The Elcometer 266 holiday detector is designed to be used on coatings up to 7.5mm thick, whilst being ideal for the inspection of coatings on steel pipes and most other forms of protective coatings on metal substrates. Another unique characteristic is the built-in voltage calculator which is used to determine and set the correct test voltage in accordance with the International Standards tables for the coating thickness to be tested.


Elcometer 266 - Pinhole Porosity Elcometer 266 - Pinhole Porosity

Phillro Industries proudly supply and support the Elcometer 266 High Voltage Holiday Detector and it full range of accessories offering the following unique features:

  • Visual and Audible Alarms
  • Portable
  • Water resistant ABS Case
  • Adjustment from 0.5KV to 1KV in 50V steps
  • Adjustment from 1KV to 30KV in 100V steps
  • Internal Jeep Tester (crest meter) built in
  • A wide range of probe brushes and rolling springs
  • Removable/replaceable rechargeable battery pack
  • Safety Handgrip
  • Sensitivity adjustment manual adjustment/and auto settings
  • Optional Certification meeting the same International requirements as the National Association of Testing Authorities


  • Visual alarms are provided by Blue Flashing LED and sparking at the location of the coating flaw whilst an audible alarm is provided by the gauge to alert the operator when a flaw has been detected.
  • The light weight ergonomic design with adjustable carry strap allows the unit to be easily carried on the operators shoulder whilst the handle and brush attachment are used to detect coating flaws. The complete product with battery and battery charger fit into a custom designed plastic case to protect it when not in use and for transport from job to job.
  • The case of the main control unit is constructed from moulded ABS with seals and plastic membrane press buttons and LED display to provided dust proofing and splash resistance protecting the electronics for trouble free operation and longevity.
  • Using the Menu driven Voltage Calculator the operator can select which ever relevant International Standard they need to test to then simply adjust the coating thickness to the value of the job under test and the gauge automatically sets the correct voltage for that thickness.
  • Voltages can be manually set to in steps to suit specific coating types and coating specification’s where needed.
  • There is no need to use an external Jeep or `Crest’ Meter for accuracy verification. The 266 has a unique built in Jeep tester which automatically monitors, adjust and controls the set voltage. Both the set voltage and verified voltages are displayed on screen during operation.
  • Rolling springs and Internal Spring brushes are available to suit a hue range of Pipe Diameters.
  • Right Angle brush probes and extensions are also available for use on vertical walls and floors if required.
  • The Lithium Ion rechargeable battery can be easily removed and recharged either in the control unit or when removed. This allows an additional battery to be charged whilst the other is in use and makes battery replacement quick and easy.
  • The hand grip of the 266 has multiple ribs providing optimised insulation between the operator’s hands and the brush probe minmising the risk of electric shock.
  • As a Constant Current device the control unit has sensitivity adjustment allowing for accurate detection of flaws in semi conductive coatings and coatings on concrete.
  • Calibration Certification of new gauges meets the same International requirements used and accepted by NATA providing traceability in accordance with ILAC and their Mutual Recognition Agreement.