Kecol Hygienic Pumps

KECOL Articulated Powerprime

One of the most popular drum unloaders that can empty all 4 drums whilst they remain on the pallet.

(Its popularity is due to removing the need to move the drums from the pallet and the associated OH&S issues.)

  • Flow rates up to 90kg/min depending on pump unit utilized.
  • Greater than 99% product evacuation of the drum’s contents.
  • Capable of emptying drums\pails from 20kg – 250kg
  • Evacuation of products in excess of 400,000 centipoise.
  • 316 Stainless Steel and PTFE wetted components
  • Quick-knock-down sanitary pump design

Kecol Brochure 2023

The Kecol range of pneumatic pumps and unloaders also includes units for emptying Euro & Mackay bins, Tonelli Bowls, IBC’s, etc.

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